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Rattanakosin capital is currently called “Phra Nakhon,” with the name Bangkok forming the urban build up since the 18th century. It currently has its own public administration and governor. For over two centuries, Bangkok has been the social, political and economic center not only in Thailand but also in South East Asia and IndoChina. It is part of the urbanized triangle of the central and eastern region of Thailand – from Nakhon Ratchasima to the industrialized eastern seaboard. The city was regarded as the world’s 22nd largest city, with a population estimated to be approximately 15 million if the wide unregistered number of residents is taken into consideration. This has resulted in the Thai population becoming a vibrant mix of people – mainly from Western, Chinese and Indian cultures. Today, Bangkok is well known as tourist destination with beautiful beaches, bargain markets plus exotic entertainment and gastronomical adventures. If you have yet to experience this amazing tropical city, do so as soon as it promises to be an experience that you will not soon forget. Related Package Tours:12D11N Best of Thailand PVT5D4N Bangkok Pattaya PackageFor those who want a holiday in Phuket although enjoys a slower pace of life than the usual resort areas, Supalai Resort and Spa could hold the answer. Located on the most quiet but no less beautiful, North Eastern cost of the island, this chic resort is tucked away in the forested hillside overseeing the turquoise waters of Pha Nga bay. This solitude does not mean the resort is isolated or cut off.



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Instructions 1 Wipe down the flip flops with an old cloth or paper towels to get rid of chunks of dirt, mud or excess debris. 2 Soak the flip flops in a mixture of warm water and soap regular hand soap works well for about 15 minutes and scrub them with an old cloth. 3 Set the shoes outside in the sun and spray them with Lysol. Use a version of Lysol spray that is not too strong smelling, such as Clean Linen. Leave in the sun to dry for an hour. 4 If your flip flops are extremely smelly or dirty, spray Paxton's Sandal Saver onto the flip flops about four times on the areas you want to clean. If you are trying to clean the entire sandal, soak the whole sandal in the spray. 5 Let the flip flops sit with the Paxton's spray on them for about a minute to let the cleanser soak in well. 6 Use a dry paper towel or old clean cloth to scrub all over the Reefs to remove dirt, debris and oils. Scrub until you have removed the cleaning solution. 7 Let the flip flops dry.